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news & notices

Bikechain Closed for re-tooling;

That's right, we're going to close, but only for a week. It's been a
while since we've cleaned out nooks and crannies, emptied the hell bin
and thrown away all the random bits we don't actually need.

It's like spring cleaning in August! We need to make things less scary
for the new students starting in the fall *subtle hint* we'll also be
hiring workstudies, so you could be a 'new student' of bikechain! Stay

The shop will be closed from August 29th - September 2nd, and in an
effort to seem less sporadic about our open hours, I'm letting folks
know with plenty of notice. The lending program will need all it's
bikes back here for the 26th of August too!

For all your alternative DIY bike fixin' needs, check Bike Pirates,
BikeSauce, BikeWorks, Community Bicycle Network and BikeToons. That's
a variety of hours and locations without creative names to help you
keep yourself rolling.

Watch out for streetcars!

I'm sure you were stopping for these metallic mammoths already, but if you needed a

College St Treatment;

In spite of how freaked out and on edge some people are, College St is
not having it's bike lane removed (for long). The bike lane is being
upgraded! We have the technology, and we will rebuild it better than
it was.

War on the car?

In case you hadn't seen it, and thanks to Yi Yao for forwarding this
to the 'chain.

That's all for now folks!


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