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Bikechain is Moving

We take occupancy of our new space in the North Borden Building from JUNE 1.

We will begin moving from June 3 and closed for the duration of the move.

Check back here for re-opening date.

If you would like to help with the move please get in touch.

-There are many special projects we could use help with even before we start moving.

-There will be refreshments available each moving day.

-Everyone who helps will receive a coupon for 40% off their next item purchases at Bikechain.


New Hours and Appointments

Bikechain will no longer be open on Saturdays. For now appointments can still be booked on Mondays.

The building in which we currently reside will not be open on Saturdays for the entire summer.

We will be extending our weekday hours into the evening so we can be available to people who have difficulty coming in on weekdays.

We will also be making our appointment system available every day starting May 6.

New hours starting May 6:

Monday 12-7

Tuesday 11-6

Wednesday 11-6

Thursday 12-7

Friday 11-6

New Appointment System starting May 6:

There will be one stand designated for appointments every day. Appointments will continue to be 1 hour time slots on the hour.

If no appointments are booked during the timeslot, the stand will be available by drop-in up to 15 minutes before the next appointment.

Appointments are not considered reserved unless confirmed by a Bikechain staff or volunteer by the end of the previous working day.

Appointment reservations can be made by telephone, or in person up to the day before.

We will no longer be taking appointments by email.

There will be appointments and drop in space available every day.


Both Referenda Passed

Thank you everyone who Supported Bikechain in our UTSU and GSU Levy campaigns!

This additional funding will certainly help us to continue to deliver free services year round 6 days a week, though will not make up for the cuts to the Work-Study Program. 

The results of the referenda are unofficial until ratified, but the votes were largely in favour of Bikechain.

UTSU $0.25 increase for Bikeshare program with Cost of Living Adjustment - 70% Yes

GSU Cost of Living Adjustment - 92% Yes


Learn to Cycle

Bikechain is holding a 'How To Cycle Seminar' for UTERN's Environment week.

Thursday March 21 3:00-5:00

Our experienced trainer will focus on how to fine tune balance and safety. Fundamental safety skills involving properly fitting your helmet, checking over your bike, and regulations involving lights and bells will be start off the seminar. Participants will then be able to go on a test ride on Bikechain approved bicycles on a closed course. Basic balance skills will be covered with an emphasis on road safety and appropriate braking. Road signals and riding one meter from the curb will finish off the course. Those who are ready to practice road skills on their bikes will do so, while others will do the final exercises on foot and will be encouraged to practice more on their own time with friends in local parks.

RSVP via email by Wednesday if you wish to attend.


Bikechain Referenda are a GO

UTSU Referendum

Thank you everyone who helped out and voted yes.

Unofficial Results: It Passed!!! YAY!!!!

GSU Referendum

We will also be running a Graduate Student Referendum to allow the GSU Council to raise our levy by cost of living up to a maximum of 5% per year.

Voting Period will be March 26, 27, 28.


Follow us on Twitter

Why follow us on Twitter?

We TWEET daily shop updates about how busy we are, so you can aviod the waiting list.

We also TWEET about relevant cycling events and issues.



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Tel: 416-978-6849

bikechainuoft [at]

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Tuesday 11-6
Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 12-7
Friday 11-6

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