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Please Sign our Petition

Bikechain is seeking to increase our full-time Undergraduate student levy by 25 cents. We will need the funding for tools, equipment, and staffing, as we are moving to a larger space and intend to upgrade our lending bicycles. We will no longer have the support of the Work Study Program due to funding cuts and change in University of Toronto policies, and we want to keep hiring students. We want to have a referendum in the spring to allow students to decide if they want to support Bikechain.

We are just over half way, but still need to collect 1,500 more signatures by the first week of January in order to hold the vote in the spring.

Please come by and sign if you are a full-time undergraduate or will be in January.

If you are interested in helping collect signatures in your class, residence, cafe, or anywhere please let us know.


Bikechain AGM

Bikechain Annual General Meeting

November 8, 2012 7:30PM, Harvest Noon Cafe, 16 Bancroft Ave (above the GSU)


1) Call to Order
2) Approval of Agenda
3) Approval of Jan 18, 2012 Special General Meeting Minutes
4) Approval of the Annual Report
5) Approval of the Audited Financial Statements
6) Appointment of Auditor
7) By-laws Amendments
8) Elections
9) Adjournment


Monday Appointments Extended

Monday appointments will now run from 12:00 until we close at 5:00.


Work Study Saved

The Sustainability Office will be hiring Work Study Students to help out at Bikechain this year. We are really glad to have their support.

Since this will be the last time we will be getting help from Work Study, due to government cuts to the program, we will still need as much help from volunteers as possible.

We are also hoping to raise the full-time undergrad levy by $0.25 per semister.

Any full-time undergraduates who think we should be able to have a referendum in the Spring, please sign our petition.

Anyone who would like to help get signatures please contact us.



It’s that time of year again, and Bikechain will be participating in a bunch of Campus events. Any help would be appreciated.

GSU Orientation Tuesday September 9,  5:00 – 10:00

UTSU Clubs Fair Wednesday September 5, 10:00 - 2:00

UTSU Clubs Fair Tuesday September 11, 10:00 - 3:00

There are also many one hour residence visits we will be doing just after the above orientations. The dates will be updated in the Bikechain Calendar.

We will be using all these opportunities in addition to visiting targeted classes to get levy petitions signed.


It's not the heat

It's the humidity. That water is always creeping around.

0- closed for Canada Day
1- Bikechain is moving! How did that happen!?!?
2- Updates to WorkStudy program & Bikechain volunteering
3- Employment at Bikechain
4- UTSU Levy petition campaign
5- Lending Bike recall - appointments affected!
6- Bike Month
7- Cycle Toronto memberships available here!

0- closed for Canada Day
That's about it. We're closed. Back on Tuesday. Have a good longer weekend.

1- Bikechain is moving! How did that happen!?!?
That's right! While we don't have a firm move-in date, we've final 
pestered enough people and proven our worth for a bigger dirty 
forgotten hole on campus! No specifics yet, it'll be more fun to tell 
everyone what's happening slowly. It's near the GSU pub and Harvest 
Noon, and MUCH BIGGER! So much bigger we're going to be campagining 
for help to buy more tools, and computers and fun things (we could 
have a couch again).

We might even get a ping-pong table!

2- Updates to WorkStudy program & Bikechain volunteering
UofT is taking up the workstudy slack by continuing to fund the 
program heavily, but any office/department needs to pay some of the WS 
salary. The upside? Almost anyone taking classes can apply - 20% 
courseload, no OSAP requirements, no Canadian Residency requirements. 
We're looking to hire a bunch as always, but it's going to be a more 
competitive and rigourous process.

Of course, we're also going to be focusing more on boosting human 
resources, and so we'll be contacting those of you who indicated an 
interest in volunteering to let you know when we have training 
sessions in the shop. If you want to volunteer and haven't told us, 
hit me back!

3- Employment at Bikechain
Say what you like about the present Bikechain coordinator, he's 
leaving. Moving on to an M.Ed. at OISE and a research position, Toby 
Bowers will be replaced after a star-studded much anticipated search 
across the country. No, that's not happening. There's a job posting at 
the Career Centre website, on our website and on GoodWorks Canada. Do 
you have what it takes? If so, let us know by following the 
instructions anywhere you find the job posted.

4- UTSU Levy petition campaign
The sooner you sign our petition, the closer we get to 3500 signatures 
(we've got almost 200!) and will stop pestering you about it. How's 
that for motivating? Seriously though, if you'd like to do a class 
speak for your summer course, or for your fall course, or want to help 
us chat up random folks around campus, let us know. We'll sim to make 
it as fun a time as we can. Also, we're getting much bigger, we're 
going to need dolla dolla bills, y'all.

5- Lending Bike recall - appointments affected!
So the ol' faithful lending bike program is having some 
problems...We're going to pull the bikes of the street, check them all 
out, and bring it back. Better bikes = safer students. Sadly, we're 
going to hog all our appointment slots to get it done. The bikes will 
be back for July 10th, and appointments back on the 9th of July.

6- Bike Month

It's still Bike Month for ~10 more days....go do some Bike Month 
stuff! Who doesn't love being surrounding by the warm embrace of your 
local cycling community full of solidarity? Well, maybe not the warm 
embrace. It's too hot for that.

7- Cycle Toronto memberships available here!

Cycle Toronto, formerly the Cyclist's Union, is now selling 
memberships through various shops, including ours! $20 for the student 
membership gets you warm feelings, a free lock cut, and you included 
in their weight for better cycling conditions (e.g. BIXI support
separated lanes) and great programs (e.g. Get Loud, Bike Host).

That's it for now. Stay hydrated, cuz a hangover without the fun of 
drinking the night before is no fun at all. Maybe try salt tablets on 
long rides. Me, I like watered down gatorade and chocolate milk 


The Bikechain Team


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