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twice in two days!

Hello all,

I'd like to make an admission and an apology to everyone who
subscribes to the Bikechain mailing list; I used it inappropriately to
express my own feelings without considering to what extent that
reflects on the organization, and for that I apologize. I was upset at
the people trying to get me to crash into them while trying to get to

Bikechain says follow the laws! (unless your safety is being endangered)
Here's a quick summary (Ontario version):

1. Bikes are vehicles;
2. Bikes should make complete stops at red lights and stop signs;
3. Bike operators should signal turns and lateral movements;
4. Bikes need a bell, horn or gong to be securely attached;
5. Bikes need a white light 1/2 hour before sunset and 1/2 hour after
6. Bikes need a rear reflector 1/2 hour before sunset and 1/2 hour
after sunrise*;
7. Bikes need 250mm x 25mm of reflective tape, red on each side of the
rear triangle and white on each side of the fork*;
8. Bikes need a mechanism to skid the rear wheel on dry, level and
clean pavement.

*or any time you can't see past 150m

Here's what the city says;

I myself feel that some of these rules are great, and some are a bit
silly. Nevertheless, they are the law. Some rules lack relevance in
all situations, and should never be considered a replacement for good
judgement and
mutual respect.

If you are wondering what the Highway Traffic Act does say about
anything and everything (and there's some fun stuff in there), here
you are:

Finally, my riding style is best suited to major roads, with fewer
stops and higher speeds. This is not for everyone, and while I may
roll stops, I still think looking around before doing so is a good idea.

Ride well, and should you feel the need:

Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay dry.


Toby Bowers


mayhem on the road!

Greetings & Salutations,

While I may not be the greatest at abiding the law (come see my
tickets, I have them at the shop), I am at least willing to look at
the direction traffic will hit me from before blowing the stop sign or
crossing left. To me, begin cognizant of traffic flow and not impeding
others is a cornerstone of efficient movement in traffic.

Sadly, this morning, two cyclists (!) and the taxi that failed to pay
attention to traffic before forcing me to swerve to avoid collisions
that were certainly not going to be my fault.

What I'm trying to convey is that everyone has the chance to be
inattentive on the road, and so elementary physics would suggest that
we should all have conveyances with less mass and velocity to minimize
our ability to do harm.

Not everyone agrees, to wit;

Onwards & Upwards!

Bike Month!
Bike Month is just about here! Despite rumours that the city was going
to make cycling seem normal and have every month be a bike month,
there's going to be all sorts of fun stuff happening during the month
of June. Check it out!

UofT related events -
also this, which if you're interested, we could maybe organize a 
pedalcycle trip for the weekend.

We've got a couple spots left to hire summer students at the shop. You
need a 60% course load and to be getting OSAP. Check our website, the
Career Centre or the Sustainability Office for descriptions and other
criteria. The deadline is the 30th (or 31st if that's when May ends. I
can't see a calendar right now).

We've assembled a fun series of awesome things that you, the adoring
public can feel good about working on to improve cycling for all
folks. Bike fixin' experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm is! Let
us know if you'd like to help out! We'll give you a spiffy shirt!

That's right, we've broken down and are starting to do appointments,
but in true Bikechain fashion, we'll be dictating how it happens, when
it happens, and what happens. We're like cyclo-facists, here's the deal;

Appointments are for basic maintenance only; cleaning, oiling and inflating.
Appointments are for 1/2 hour only.
Appointments begin on the hour and on the half hour only.
We are taking appointment bookings by email only.
Include 'appointment' in the subject line.
Include three choices of time to come.
Pick times between 12:30 and 4:00pm.

The first date for appointments is the 11th of June, and I'll be
announcing more dates as they become known to me.

and just because I can't get enough of this video, I'll send it along again;

Keep safe on the road, a good tip is look where you're going,
especially if you're about to turn in front of me. I travel fast and


Toby Bowers & Love from the Bikechain team.


Volunteer & WorkStudy Opportunities

Hey-o everyone,

Some great chances to give back to the shop are here;

We've got funding for 8 workstudy positions, job descriptions available here. Apply soon, since the deadline is the end of May!

There are also a number of fun volunteering opportunities too, from helping to tag bikes in need of love around campus to shadowing our mechanics to learn tips and tricks for fixing what ails bikes!

If you'd like to help out with our various projects, or are eligible to work as a WorkStudy, contact us at the shop!


The Bikechain Team!


may showers bring non-pareil flowers?

Greetings & Salutations!

Through the pouring rain, blazing sun and long nights of "studying"
for exams, the adoring public (you) continue to wait patiently until
there's room in the shop.

Yes, we are busy, and yes, we are full. We love our success of course,
and it's great to see so many people converting rickety rollers into 
vertitable velocipedes.

On to the news:
1- Holy summer workstudy positions!
2- BIXI is here!
3- More voting!
4- A story for when you've got a spare moment.

1- Summer WS @ Bikechain
That's right, all the glamour of working at Bikechain during the 
school year but during the summertime! You can find the the 
descriptions here; and once all the bikes are fixed, the job postings will be up other 
places too!

2- BIXI is here!
Set to launch on May 3rd, now you can use a "city-wide" bike lending
! Unlike our program, it costs money and non-students can use it.

3- More voting!

In case last night's Regressive Majority has you down, here's a more fun forum to vote in; between now and May 13th, you can help the Sustainability Office with their battle royale to determine who is the greenest of them all!

4- A nice story for some quiet moments.,%202010%20Dave%20and%20the%20Bike

That's all for now folks,


The Bikechain Team!


NEW! Spring & Summer Hours

Greetings & Salutations!

I've some less than great news for everyone; starting on the 4th of April Bikechain will be closed on Mondays.

We'll be keeping our regular schedule for other days of the week, 11am - 5pm Tuesday - Fridays.


The Bikechain Team


Lousy Smarch

Greetings all,

It's not a quiet day at the shop, even with the week of lousy Smarch
weather we've been having.

Here's the updates from 'The Cave'

0- Thank you cyclist
1- Summer mechanic hiring - get off your bike, get a job
2- Volunteer Opportunity - Shadowing the mechanic
3- Third Thursday seminar - Repack your bearings
4- Your feelings on bottled water - I don't like it personally
5- Craft night at Bike Pirates - make a hat
6- Critical Mass every month - fun!
7- MEC's BikeFest coming up - more fun!

0- Thank you cyclist

1- Summer Mechanic Hiring!
As in previous years, we're looking to hire a mechanic for the
summertime. The job description will be up on Bikechain's website and
is on the Career Centre website. Send us a resume and cover letter if
you're interested. The job begins in early April.

2- Volunteer Opportunity - Shadowing the mechanic
After a successful run of having folks come into the shop and shadow
mechanics last summer, we'll be continuing the program this summer.
Starting in April (exact date TBA), we'll be having interested people
spend half a day watching over what our mechanics do to help people
fix their bikes. Are you one of those interested people? Let us know
if you'd like to be a part of this opportunity, and what your
preference of day (weekdays only) and time (early 11am-2pm, late

3- Third Thursday seminar - Repack your bearings
After all this rain, your bearings are going to be washed out. What
are bearings? The sets of little metal balls that your bike rolls on!
They need grease; come in and we'll show you how to repack a hub (it's
in the centre of your wheel) and talk about other bearing systems on
your bike.

Happening March 17th at Bikechain, starting at 5:30 and ending for
around 7pm. RSVPs are nice, but not necessary.

4- Your feelings on bottled water - I don't like it personally
Courtesy of my sister Kate at the office of Student Life, let the
internet know how you feel about bottled water;

5- Craft night at Bike Pirates - make a hat
Bike Pirates are having a craft night to make a cycling cap or tool
belt. Patterns, guidance and sewing machines available, materials are
by donation or you can bring your own!

Wednesday March 23rd, 7:30pm, 1292 Bloor St W @ Lansdowne

6- Critical Mass every month - fun!
The last friday of every month, there's a fun leaderless ride from
Bloor & Spadina to.... wherever it goes! Friday March 25th, meet up
for 6pm, ride starts at 6:30. Come and show some solidarity with
fellow cyclists, especially after that jerk in Brazil did (google it,
I'm not going into details).

7- MEC's BikeFest coming up - more fun!
Along with fun and festivities, MEC Bikefest is a hub of knowledge
where cyclists new and old can make connections and get the
information they need to pursue their passion. Proceeds from this
event will be donated to our non-profit partner, Toronto Coalition for
Active Transportation

That's all for now folks! Happy trails and try to stay dry (come in
and install fenders!).


The Bikechain Team


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